Nature Park

A sensory journey through nature...

Discover the tranquillity of the Maritim estate's 62 acres tropical nature park. A unique sensory delight that you can enjoy through your walks along the banks of the Citron river to reach the waterfalls beyond the 'Historical Ruins of Balaclava'.
A wide variety of wildlife fauna and flora such as thousands of tropical trees, shrubs and flowers  will make your stay a real moment of discovery and contemplation.

Key figures of the Maritim garden awarded 'Most Beautiful Garden of Mauritius':

  • Flower trees: 1,780
  • Palm trees: 930
  • Coconut trees 350
  • Banana trees: 75
  • Other fruit trees: 130
  • Aloe and Agave trees: 1200
  • Banyan trees: 50
  • Small plants, bushes and flowers: over 500,000

Click here to discover our Nature Guide (PDF)