Ayurveda therapy is a complete holistic ancient science from India which works on the basic principle as preventive therapy to boost the well being of a healthy individual as well as a curative therapy. At 'Maritim Tropical Flower Spa', Ayurveda forms an intrinsic part of the wellness regime for the guests. From massages and specialised diet programmes, to full fill personal goals, to the more rigorous transformations in lifestyle, the Ayurveda experience has been designed keeping in mind the individual's desire to heal, cleanse, relax and revitalise.

Reserve an Ayurvedic treatment and benefit from a private Ayurveda consultation with our specialist which will explore your physical, mental and emotional health to help you understand your unique energetic constitution or combination of body types and current imbalances.

From this consultation he will propose you a programme of fit and body tone and invigorating techniques as well as ayurvedic massages that will help in bringing more balance, energy and peace to your entire being.